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OhMyOffers is an online search and discovery platform for shops and offers in your neighbourhood. Oh My Offers is exclusively designed to help people find the best deals in a city!

Users can log on to Oh My Offers and access information regarding the latest offers running in stores in their city. Oh My Offers lists all the different offers available from as store to its customers. In addition to this, we also provide exclusive offer/discounts through us. Customers can download our exclusive coupon codes to redeem exciting discounts.

Oh My Offers allows its users to conveniently search for offers, subscribe to store updates, set personalized alerts, add products to wish-list, add reviews of stores and hence plan a real hassle-free shopping. Once user adds a product in wishlist, Oh My Offers alerts them whenever an offer gets introduced for the selected product. Hence Oh My Offers show them the best deal for the product that they wish to buy. Thus, OhMyOffers helps its users to save money through its extensive listing of offers, deals or discounts.
The easy-to-use features of Oh My Offers include filters, auto suggestion searches, offer descriptions, reviews and many more. Oh My Offers users can search for offers of their favourite brands from hundreds of stores in and around the city across a broad range of categories. Oh My Offers users get real-time push notifications of offers whenever a store introduces a new offer. Our mobile application alerts the user if an offer corresponding to their wish-list is available in a new city as soon as the user reaches the city. Hence, Oh My Offers ensures that our users will never miss an exciting offer of their choice. The sharing option enables customers to share offer with their friends or relatives on FB and google+.

Oh My Offers strive hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Through Oh My Offers customers can give feedbacks of different stores in the city, hence enables users to gain insight about a store before planning a purchase. We provide customers a comprehensive rating choice based on different parameters. Thus we ensure that the service expectations of customers reach the right people, giving the stores an opportunity to make their customers happy everytime!

Our service is absolutely free. Oh My Offers helps users save money and time on each new purchase. OhMyOffers will relentlessly focus on expanding and extending our services to major cities in India and abroad.
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